Be Still

So what is happening to us all? What is driving this hyper-indulgence in change as a constant force that permeates all that we do, say and claim to be. Are we less human than we were before, or are we finally reaching for the ” Image of God” potential that we grew up believing we were created for,  and entitled to achieve? Technology and our own hedonism are to blame; or to credit for this radical  leap forward in every aspect of our human experiences. Apparently we are  compelled forward by rapid and constant change and it’s sidekick, technological advancement; believing this to be  synonymous with an evolutionary process that has as it’s end game the immortality we crave. But I suspect that we are being  blinded by our own movement, and in reality we are actually devolving away from the very immortality we seek. You know that immortality  that never evolves or changes, that exists beyond time, space, technology, or our own inertia. The immortality that asserts that we consider a different path; that is ………”Be still, and know that I am God”

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