I’ll Just Say “No!”

By Tom D

What rhymes with Dachshund?
I know it’s not Amphibian.
But don’t tell that to Darbie the dog,
Who loves to lick both toad and frog,
And chases them most every night,
well, you know how toads like to fight,
with poison on their creepy skin,
and urination that has no end,
so Darbie gets it on her tongue,
and soon begins to come undone,
she wobbles as she walks and runs,
but I don’t care to tell you lies,
admittedly I envy her highs,
but envy is as far as I go,
to licking toads, I’ll just say “No!”

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1 Response to I’ll Just Say “No!”

  1. Audrey Bermingham says:

    Funny, clever and a great play of words! Poor Darbie….and frogs fear your pup for sure,

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