Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge
By Tom D

‘Living on the edge’,
a free man said,
with eyes wide and bright,
and twitching for a fight,
‘Is better than a cravens bed,
where dreams are false,
and filled with dread,’
someone said,
that ‘A good defense always beats a good offense’,
except when it doesn’t,
and it never really does,
this never made sense,
because we win when we advance,
we lose because we hold-fast,
hoping for help,
or a hero perchance,
but the champion we seek,
is a self-made ghost,
whose prospects are bleak,
so we are given a choice,
to freeze or to fight,
to ignore the small voice,
who holds us at bay,
and damns us to chance,
so let’s seize the day,
and if our dreams indeed die,
we trust in our God,
and hold our heads high,
because they never really die,
unless we fail to try.

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