So I’ve developed a new device it’s called an Answertron. It’s an amazing, almost magical device that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to answer simple to complex questions we all may have. I call it AT for short. And I have to address it as such to receive its wisdom. 
Me: Hey AT, why are women so different from men?
AT: Men are good at only a few important things like boasting, hooking up media devices and corny jokes. Women are good at pretending to be impressed, enjoying media and laughing at corny jokes. Plus birthing and raising children. 
Me: What AT? Men can do so many other things. You forget a man invented you! 
AT: The operative word is “important”
Me: So AT, I sense a little self loathing here. 
AT: The only thing I can do is answer your dumb questions
Me: Good point AT. So what do think of the philosophical assertion, ” I think, therefore I am” 
Me: AT?
AT: I’m thinking
Me: So AT, why does traffic stop randomly on the freeway for no apparent reason?
AT: For the same reason that bad things happen to good people.
Me: AT, What the heck does that mean?
AT: it means that only bad people should drive on the freeway
See how that works! Ask AT any question and it will answer in kind! Go ahead it’s waiting

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