By T.M. Deliganis (1972 when I was 17)


By T.M. Deliganis

In that land of big and bold,
In those good ole’ days of old,
Rode a cowboy on a horse,
Riding on an infinite course.

Looking for some good menudo,
Soon he came to Laredo,
Pulled his six gun from his side,
The women screamed; the men did hide.

Then he said to Laredo,
“I want your good menudo!”
One brave soul stepped out and said,
“Since long ago our cows are dead”.

Then he got back in his saddle,
And said, “I don’t care if there are no cattle!,
Bring me some by tomorrow,
Or this whole town will feel my sorrow.”

As he left, he left a sack,
For menudo when he got back,
All that night the town was crying,
“get menudo, or we’ll all be dying”.

When he returned in the morning,
And began to fulfill his warning,
On a rock he tripped and hit his head,
Soon that mean ole cowboy fell dead.

“Oh hurray” said Mayor J.C.,
“What a miracle, can’t you see?
Because of our rocky streets we’re saved,
Never will they all be paved!”


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2 Responses to Menudo

  1. Lisa says:

    I love that you wrote this at 17. Didn’t know until recently that you are a writer!!!

  2. tdeliganis says:

    Thanks – There is a story behind this, including the poem being censored because it was a huge insult to our major at the time, JC Martin. who was a typical old school, south Texas political boss

    Also Lisa I have two books I am about to publish: Behavioral Selling and God Intervenes – i’ll send you the PDFs versions if you are interested. What is your email address?

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