How do I Know That the God of the Bible is Real?

In the first part of my life I accepted God’s reality because the authority figures in my life asserted it to be true. These included my parents and grandparents; Sunday school teachers and other adult figures who faithfully believed in God, so I readily accepted that it all must be real.

In the middle part of my life I became more intellectually curious and necessarily turned to theologians, philosophers and scientists who studied history and architecture and provided me with voluminous air-tight reason and scientific evidence regarding the reality of the God of the Bible.

Now in the ‘autumn’ of my life I look back and have personally experienced so much of God‘s tangible and supernatural reality and interventions in my affairs that I have no choice but to believe that the God of the Bible is who he says he is. In fact I no longer really need the experiences or knowledge from the first two parts because my personal experiences of the real God of the Bible have marginalized them to irrelevancy

God is real, and if you’re open to finding him – then he will begin revealing himself to you in ways that are beyond denial. He loves you that much.

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