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Excerpt from my new book on The Lord’s Prayer

Chapter 1: Running During my second semester of my first year at the University of Houston, I began to run away from all the things I had learned about how to be a good Christian. I stopped attending church. I stopped hanging … Continue reading

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How do I Know That the God of the Bible is Real?

In the first part of my life I accepted God’s reality because the authority figures in my life asserted it to be true. These included my parents and grandparents; Sunday school teachers and other adult figures who faithfully believed in … Continue reading

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My favorite Mama T Story (My maternal grandmother who loved in Cooper, Texas)

I was in the small Northeast Texas town of Cooper often with Mama T and Pop (my grandfather) from ages 2 to 13. I think I was 12 when she died. In fact, I lived with them much of my … Continue reading

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The River and The Wall

I spent the last three years of my youth in my hometown of Laredo, Texas living literally a stone’s throw away from Rio Grande/Rio Bravo river. Like so many young people who live on a river, it became a focal … Continue reading

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Our Father

When I was five years old my family lived in a place called San Angelo, a midsized West Texas city where my dad began his career working for the State of Texas, and my mom started out as a school … Continue reading

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Duck Takes – Pond Humor By T.M. Deliganis

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Important Announcement

I have finally released my new cryptocurrency which I call TomCoin. It took every bit of mathematics I’ve ever learned to develop this. Here is how it works. Send a minimum of $20 to my PayPal I will then … Continue reading

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Religious Narcotics

Karl Marx said “Religion is the opium of the people” A correct statement I think🤔 Personally I believe that an authentic relationship with a living God and with others who posses the same is not a narcotic, but a natural … Continue reading

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Menudo By T.M. Deliganis (1972 when I was 17)   Menudo By T.M. Deliganis In that land of big and bold, In those good ole’ days of old, Rode a cowboy on a horse, Riding on an infinite course. Looking … Continue reading

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