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Religious Narcotics

Karl Marx said “Religion is the opium of the people” A correct statement I think🤔 Personally I believe that an authentic relationship with a living God and with others who posses the same is not a narcotic, but a natural … Continue reading

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Menudo By T.M. Deliganis (1972 when I was 17)   Menudo By T.M. Deliganis In that land of big and bold, In those good ole’ days of old, Rode a cowboy on a horse, Riding on an infinite course. Looking … Continue reading

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Call Me on Maundy

As a young man I volunteered with a United Way agency. My job was to call an assigned elderly shut-in every day and occasionally visit him. I was on my third assignment, which happened to be an elderly black man … Continue reading

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Eastwood Clinic

By T.M. Deliganis I was attending the Church of the Redeemer, Episcopal in Houston and I became very involved in a neighborhood ministry called Esperanza Del Barrio (Hope of the Neighborhood). The primary focus of this ministry was to develop … Continue reading

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The Secret Sauce in K-12 Blended Learning

By Tom M. Deliganis with contributions from LeAnn Stewart Blended Learning:  Every K-12 blended learning implementation is unique. However in order to have your implementation be designated as an authentic and research-based it must adhere consistently to the established best-practices. … Continue reading

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So I’ve developed a new device it’s called an Answertron. It’s an amazing, almost magical device that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to answer simple to complex questions we all may have. I call it AT for short. And I have … Continue reading

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Behavioral Selling © 2015 by Thomas M. Deliganis

Behavioral Selling© 2015 by Thomas M. Deliganis A Behavioral Approach to Winning in Your Career and Your Relationships` Section One – Cringe Worthy I cringe a little as I recall early in my sales career, a lunch meeting with a … Continue reading

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