Nerves Ending


Nerves Ending
By Tom D

It’s become an epidemic,
A plague of notoriety,
It daily afflicts it victims,
It’s merely called anxiety.

It’s the thief of our peace,
The robber of  sobriety,
Its origins are abundant,
Yet its feelings lack variety.

Many books have been written,
On this scourge to our society,
And experts seem to spawn,
With widespread ubiquity.

But God has a therapy,
He requires minimal piety,
A simple walk with Him,
Eradicates anxiety.

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By Tom M. Deliganis

When I was much younger I toured many of the spectacular Cathedrals in Mexico City with my family. I recall being confused by the superimposition of poverty against the opulence; as I observed the dirt poor, as well as the rich worshiping in these spectacularly ornamented edifices, adorned with enough gold to feed several third world countries.

I still struggle with the obscene gap between the filthy rich (and I think the word ‘filthy’ is a good one) and the barely surviving poor – a dichotomy that somehow ironically is always present in close proximity within the poorest and most corrupt of nations, such as Mexico. However I do find Cathedrals inspiring. I recall first visiting the Canterbury Cathedral in England and experiencing an almost overwhelming presence of an awe-inspiring God. At that moment I finally ‘got’ Cathedrals. I had similar experience at America’s National Cathedral in Washington DC. I believe that in both cases I was walking in the authentic presence of God, and the almost indescribable experience of worship that swept across my body and soul was God born, even if the catalyst was a mere man-made architectural marvel. Man-made indeed, but God inspired. How else to explain the fact that Cathedrals exist? Especially when you consider they are as a result of multiple generations of people and their leaders sacrificing almost beyond measure in their building. Surely such a phenomenon cannot be explained by some mass obsessive-compulsive disorder that, coincidentally, happened in hundreds of locations across multiple centuries.

There is something much more significant going on here. It’s true that great walls, castles and even pyramids have also been built at an excessive cost of lives and resources, but there was always a practical consideration to these enterprises; usually having to do with security, either in the ‘here and now’, or in the age to come. Cathedrals are, by design, fashioned to be a physical expression of our souls’ seemingly obsessive need to worship. Worship whom? Our creator, of course. In the most beautiful way our cultures are able; resulting in a consistently corporate expression that places the ‘all of us’ way above the ‘one of us’.

Yet if we do indeed conclude that Cathedrals are God inspired, then this brings us back to my confusion in Mexico. As I think deeply (for me anyhow) about this quandary of wealth and poverty, it occurs to me that the ultimate expression of true worship, is true love. Not only love for God, but simultaneous and interconnected love for each other. True God- inspired worship will always end with an urge to love. So it’s not that the filthy rich aren’t inspired by the Cathedrals they enter just as much as the poor who enter alongside. And it’s not that I don’t genuinely experience God’s majesty and presence in these very same edifices. It’s just that many of us settle for the self-indulgence of God’s love for ourselves and then allow that same self-indulgence to prevent us from experiencing the full measure of love which always gives as it receives – and then returns in a dividend of blessing and love that makes the self-indulgent part seem small.

Perhaps the designers of these Cathedrals had an idea that the smaller I become – then the less I matter. That humility would be inspired by grandeur, and that the full realization of our insignificance would clear away the barriers we put up against God’s desire to see us merely love one another.

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Peaceful Existence in the Atchafalaya Swamp


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Cemetery Tree ©tom deliganis


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My New Year’s Resolution

Eat Less, Exercise More
Watch Less, Write More
Criticize Less,  Praise More
Fear Less,  Pray More
Judge Less,  Forgive More
Talk Less, Smile More
Wish Less, Hope More
Whine Less, Solve More
Regret Less,  Achieve More
Indulge Less,  Help More
Consume Less, Create More
Cry Less, Cheer More
Presume Less, Assume More
Lose Less,  Try More
Hide Less, Reveal More
Panic Less, Prepare More
Obsess Less, Reflect More
Miss Less,  Enjoy More
Curse Less,  Laugh More
Argue Less, Affirm More
Me Less, You More
Happy 2014!

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I Thought Freud Might Know

Freud asked ‘what do they want?’
As if they really know.

As if a simple forthright answer,
would somehow satisfy….
satisfy what?

As if any man or woman really could…
somehow articulate a feeling, an answer, an emotion, a witty retort, an assertion, that might provide peace and resolution.

Resolution to what? Well the only unanswered question I know. And resolve a question that cannot be answered by mere mortals such as me.

Or by Freud. Or by her. Or even God?

Or perhaps His plan all along was to
keep us searching and asking and
attempting in our meager, limited way,
to answer; to satisfy the question…
What does she want?

Perhaps the answer is in the asking.

Tom D

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A Simple Truth by Tom D

Ubiquitous antipathy,
Produces pejorative emnity,
Consequently ambiguously,
We copesetically extenuate,
And serendipitously obliviate.

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